Horseback Riding

Riding Lessons for Children & Adults

Lessons at TRAK involve more than just riding. We believe in order to be safe around horses it is very important to understand the “nature of a horse”. Lessons start with children 8 or older working side by side with the horses learning about their nature, how to approach, halter and lead them. Once mounted, students will learn the methods and practices set forth by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA).

Are you ready to become a TRAK Riding Student?

  • We take prospective students eight years old through adults at all ability levels.
  • Our Riding Students must have a TRAK Family Membership to participate.

To get started, sign up for our riding waitlist here!

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Gymkhana Club

Welcome to the TRAK Gymkhana Club! Gymkhana is a great way for our current students to test what they have learned in lessons in a fun, group setting!

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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a two-hour long, group-based event that takes place one Friday evening per month. Current Riding Students are able to practice many different gymkhana patterns and prepare for the Gymkhana Buckle Series competitions under the arena lights. This is a fun way to get to know other riders as well as practice your own skills. Dinner is served during this event.

A few friendly reminders for Friday Night Lights:

  • All Gymkhana Events, including Friday Night Lights, are for our current Riding Students only!
  • Horses may not be shared for Friday Night Lights or Barrel Practices.
  • First come first serve basis, horses selected as riders sign up!
  • Friday Night Lights fee is $60.00

September 23, 2022 ~ 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Ready to participate in Friday Night Lights? Great! Sign up HERE!

Barrel Practice

Our Barrel Practice is a great way to really test your skills on the Barrels! This hour and a half lesson helps riders work specifically on barrel pattern techniques to prepare for the Gymkhana Buckle Series.

A few friendly reminders for Friday Night Lights:

  • All Gymkhana Events, including Barrel Practice, are for our current Riding Students only!
  • Horses may not be shared for Friday Night Lights or Barrel Practices.
  • Those who are leasing a horse have priority. If you are leasing, please contact Chelsea Menke to reserve your spot.
  • Horses assigned on first come first serve basis!
  • Barrel Practice fee is $50.00

Sign up for Barrel Practice HERE!

Gymkhana Buckle Series

Our Gymkhana Buckles Series is a great, fun, competitive way for our current Riding Students to showcase their skills! Our Gymkhana Buckle Series consists of three Gymkhana competitions, held once a month, where students must compete in all three to qualify for the final buckle series. We host two Buckle Series per year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring.

  • – Riders are allowed to share horses for Gymkhana Buckle Series events. Fee will be split in this case.
  • – You must be a current Riding Student to participate in all Gymkhana Club events.
  • – Gymkhana fees are $75.00 

Spring Gymkhana Series Events

  • Sunday, March 27th, 1 PM
  • Sunday, April 24th, 1 PM
  • Gymkhana Finals – May 22nd, 1 PM

Register for Gymkhana HERE!

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Horse training
Gymkhana meeting

Pre-Register for Friday Night Lights, Gymkhana or Barrel Practice

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TRAK is proud to be a riding facility accredited by Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), a nationally-recognized credential in equine safety and horsemanship, with CHA-certified instructors on staff.

  • Richard Harris

    “Incredible what this group is doing with these kids. Thanks for all you do, just amazing. IF you are wondering if you should be a part of what TRAK is doing stop wondering, pick up the phone and give them a call. You won’t regret it. Top notch staff, leadership, and facilities.”

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  • Wilmadeen Minger

    “My son and I volunteer here and we love it! Even though you’re working it is a lot of fun too. They have petting zoo birthday parties that the kids absolutely love! They also have horseback riding lessons. The atmosphere is relaxed and it’s so much fun here!”

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  • Lee Buzzard

    “TRAK Ranch is where you will find a family of people doing the right things for the Tucson community. It is a great place to interact with so many animals, riding lessons, a fantastic site for birthday parties for all ages. If you have not stopped by for at least a visit, you are missing Tucson’s true gems.”

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  • Melanie McKissick

    “WOW, what a wonderful staff and crew these guys have. Very kind and caring people who want to better the community and the children who live in it. I HIGHLY recommend TRAK ranch in Tucson.”

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  • Michael J. Monroe

    “TRAK RANCH is nothing short of awesome. Scott Tilley works tirelessly to provide incredible programs for the therapeutic benefit for those in need and does so in a clean, attractive environment. Tucson is is so fortunate to have Scott and TRAK. Everyone should stop by and learn about and see all the wonderful programs offered at the ranch.”

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    NOTICE: When you come to TRAK, you MUST only park along Edith Blvd.
    Parking is not permitted anywhere else.

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