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AZ Tax Credit


In the state of Arizona, up to $400 per person and $800 per couple filing jointly, can be directly deducted, dollar-for-dollar, from the taxes you owe the state of Arizona.

Many people like the tax credit because it allows you to keep your tax dollars in your local community and maximize your impact. By designating your tax credit to TRAK, you are effectively ensuring that children, families, First Responders, Veterans, and Active-Duty Military members in Pima County are receiving the Therapeutic Services that they need.

To put it in perspective, if you belong to a group of 25 people, this could be a church, sports club, etc. and all of you commit to donating $400 to TRAK, you would raise $10,000 for the families we serve without actually spending a dime yourselves. It’s that easy.


No! There are several tax credits available in Arizona. If you are married filing jointly, you can donate $800 to receive your dollar-for-dollar Arizona Tax Credit. Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids qualifies for the “Qualified Charitable Organization” (QCO) tax credit. You can designate TRAK for your QCO tax credit AND make gifts to the other types of tax credits. You can read about the different kinds of credits here.


Generally, contributions that do not involve the purchase of goods or services are deductible. For example, a donation made at TRAK’s Annual Fall Harvest Festival would be deductible, but the ticket to the event would not. Please speak with your financial adviser or tax professional to determine which contributions are and are not deductible.



    • Sponsors one child to attend summer camp FROM OUR SCHOLARSHIP LIST

    • $375 Donation


Monthly Giving Program

Strengthening kids and community is TRAK’s mission! Everyday, we are doing extraordinary work with the youth, families, first responders, veterans, and active-duty military in our community. We have been able to impact 100’s of families in Tucson, but we still have so much work to do!

What makes our program truly unique and successful? Our secret is our animal family!

Did you know that it costs $5,000 per year to feed and care for ONE horse? We have over 30 equine family members here at TRAK, not to mention our over 60 other animal family members that we care for every day. Without them, we would not be able to impact our Tucson community. For only $15, $25, or $50 per month, you can make a tremendous impact at TRAK!

How can you make a meaningful impact for those who benefit from TRAK’s programs? Join our TRAK Monthly Giving Program and become a purveyor of TRAK Magic today!

  • Offers ongoing care for our TRAK animal family
  • Provide scholarships for youth who desperately need therapeutic services
  • Provide equine therapy for veterans, active-duty military, and their families

Planned Giving

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.” ―Eleanor Roosevelt

Leaving a legacy through TRAK not only benefits those who we serve, but sustains TRAK for future generations. We are honored that you are considering Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids to benefit from your generosity.

Please reach out to us at 520-298-9808 or email us at with any questions about planned giving.

At TRAK, we are big believers in creating your own TRAK Magic. Contributing to the TRAK Legacy Fund through planned giving does just that. By designating a planned gift to TRAK, you can:

  • Support causes and populations that you care about
  • Create a lasting legacy
  • Receive tax deductions and/or Arizona Charitable Tax Credits
  • Receive estate tax or capital gains tax savings
  • Reduce tax burdens on your family
  • Continue to support the mission of TRAK!

There are many ways that you can include TRAK in your planned giving process:

Gifts of Cash

A cash gift is a wonderful way to make a meaningful contribution to Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids. You can make a cash donation today, or designate TRAK as a beneficiary of your bank account assets.

Gifts of Charitable Bequests

A bequest is a simple and easy way to make a gift to TRAK. As part of your estate plan, you can direct a gift to be made to Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids by speaking with your attorney or advisor.

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks and bonds, to Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids is an easy and effective way to create a lasting legacy!

Gifts of Retirement Assets

Did you know that you can donate unused portions of your retirement assets, such as your 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or Pension? You can designate TRAK as a beneficiary or make a yearly annual contribution to TRAK of up to $100,000 without paying income taxes on the distribution.

This is an excellent way to create a lasting legacy through TRAK and continue our mission of strengthening kids and community for generations to come!

Gift of Insurance

Consider designating your permanent life insurance policy as a legacy gift to Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids. Giving a gift of a permanent life insurance policy to TRAK that has outlasted it’s original purpose is an excellent way to impact the Tucson community.

Give In Their Memory

Are you looking for a way to celebrate an extraordinary person in your life? Consider making a donation to TRAK in their memory! This can be a beautiful way to honor those who made an impact in our lives!

At TRAK, we have an on-going memorial fund for our beloved late Director of Development, Dr. Melinda Sharma. Every October, we hold a celebration of life ceremony for a woman who was truly larger than life. If you would like to learn more about Dr. Melinda Sharma’s impact on TRAK and the Autism community as a whole or would like to contribute to the Melinda Sharma fund, please click here.

2024 Calendar

We have TRAK calendars with all of our furry animals on each month, purchase yours today!


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